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NAT Ki Art  Snowcherry's Model Horses

Gallery I

 Neu Mai 2017

Gallerie I  Normale Repaints & Customs

English Version:

*** Sam II (Samual) ***

Fjord Stallion

Size: Traditional

Type: solid casting (resin)


Sam will be casted in resin by Horsing Around and is still in production.

Currently I am waiting for his mould to be finished this month. I guess I can give a rough estimate on the approximate shipping date of the first copies in October.


Pre-Sale is closed.


Regular sale is now open and you are still able to order your resin!


However, the waiting list for orders placed during the regular sale is long. Please keep in mind that your resin can only ship after all Pre-Orders are shipped and that you may even wait for a second mould to be done before I can receive the latest orders.



(Incl. international shipping): 

unpainted: 210 Euro

painted: 310 Euro


(Incl. shipping within the EU): 

unpainted: 185 Euro

painted: 285 Euro



Due to the long waiting time for those regular sales, you will now also be able to pay on long-term, monthly time-payments. 


Deposit will be 35 Euro for an unpainted and 55 Euro for a painted Sam.


You can send payment via Paypal.


If you want to pay in full, please use the first button. There are several options you can choose depending on your destination:


Sam II Resin (full payment)


If you want to pay on time-payments, use the second button:



Sam II Resin (time-payments)


Please consider that all time-payment rates you have sent already are NON-refundable in case the buyer decides to not complete the purchase.


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